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Zen Acero Series Steel Gong Ripple 24-48"

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A gong named for its captivating visual and auditory journey. At its core, you'll find a meticulously hand-etched center circle with concentric circles enriching its surface. These etchings not only lend a mesmerizing aesthetic but also symbolize the timeless ripples of sound that emanate from this instrument.  Its surface is adorned with hammered points, scattered across the gong's expanse like a landscape of enchanting peaks on Earth and scattered like stars in the sky.

Zen Gongs “Acero Series”

A masterpiece of sonic brilliance in the best stainless-steel gongs. These gongs emanate a vibrant, bright, and encompassing sound that envelops your senses like a symphony of light. Our exclusive alloy, blends the finest stainless steel with precision engineering to create instruments that redefine acoustics. With a harmonious union of tradition and innovation, every strike on these gongs produces a rich, resonant tone that dances through the air, captivating hearts and minds. Experience the future of sound with our proprietary stainless-steel gongs, where brilliance meets craftsmanship in perfect harmony.

Zen Gongs

Welcome to Zen Gongs, where artistry and acoustics unite. We are dedicated to crafting the finest gongs using only the purest virgin metals and the highest production standards. Our artisans blend ancient techniques with modern precision to create instruments that transcend mere musicality. Each gong undergoes meticulous testing, promising unparalleled resonance. Whether gracing concert halls or meditation spaces, our gongs have earned trust worldwide. When you choose a Zen Gong, a masterpiece that embodies centuries of tradition and innovation. Zen Gongs: Crafting Sound, Forging Harmony.

The sound samples above are as follows:

Sound: 24" Gong

Sound 2: 30" Gong

Sound 3: 36" Gong

Sound 4: 40" Gong

Sound 4: 48" Gong

Gongs 36" and under include an Extra Large Heavy Felt Mallet.

Gongs 40" and over include a Zen Heavy Purple Gong Mallet.

Gong stands sold seperately.

Photos and sound samples are not specific to this handmade product and will vary slightly.