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Who am I buying from?

Silver Sky Imports is an online marketplace that offers unique handicrafts from Tibet, India, Nepal and throughout Asia. Launched in 2003, Silver Sky Imports has become North America’s largest supplier of handcrafted items from the Himalayas. We specialize in the largest variety of Himalayan or Tibetan Singing Bowls and Crystal Singing Bowls online and include individual sound samples, pictures, and descriptions for each bowl.

Visit our ‘ABOUT US’ page to find out more about who we are.

Our current online inventory contains over 10,000 bowls, with additional bowls added daily. In addition to bowls we carry many other sound products. Our exclusive line of Chakra Drum Tongue drums, Tingshas, Bells, and Chimes are featured on the site, as well as Chinese, Nepalese, and Indian Gongs. We also carry Paiste gongs. Some of our other products include Crystal Bowl Carrying Cases, Tibetan Prayer Flags, Japanese Bowls, Bronze Statues, Koshi Chimes, Meditation accessories.

What is your Shipping Policy?

Most items ship within 24 hours. We ship every weekday Monday through Friday. Please email us for rates ( if you need an item sent via expedited shipping services.

We do allow buyers to combine shipping for multiple global-shipping-worldwide.jpgpurchases. To check shipping rates simply add items to your cart and click "calculate shipping".  Shipping can be greatly reduced by buying more than one item! Domestic shipping prices are posted and include shipping, handling, and confirmation. (U.S.A. only)

Most items over 13 ounces ship via FedEx Ground which is our standard service in the 48 states.  Most items under 13 ounces ship via first class mail.

International shipping prices are posted and shipping-guy-worldwide.jpgavailable in the shopping cart by selecting "calculate shipping". We send all international packages over 1 pound via Global Priority Mail or FedEx which includes tracking for free. This is the safest and fastest way, and PayPal requires sellers to have tracking on all international orders. Any items under one pound ship global first class mail. Please email us for any special postal requests.

International customers are required to include a phone number with their order for customs clearance. The buyer is also responsible for any duty or tax that their home country charges. Please contact your customs office to find out if they charge a duty or tax on purchases.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, worldwide

What is your Return Policy?

All items have a 30 day 100% customer satisfaction silver-sky-imports-satisfaction-guarantee.jpgguarantee. We truly hope you will be ecstatic (meaning: Feeling or expressing overwhelming happiness or joyful excitement) with your purchases from us.  If for any reason you're not, please let us know and we will work tirelessly until you're satisfied or we will send a full refund upon return.   Please email to arrange a return. Items must be in original packaging and condition. A 10% re-stocking fee will be applied and we do not refund shipping costs unless the item is not as described.

My 432Hz C note bowl arrived and the frequency is something other than 432Hz, is this correct?

The frequencies of the notes other than A in the scale  are adjusted automatically in relation to the 432Hz tuned A note. This means that the frequencies of the other notes in the scale will be different from what you would expect in a standard equal-tempered tuning system where A=440Hz.

In a standard equal-tempered tuning system, the frequency of the A note above middle C is 440Hz, and each note in the scale is spaced equidistantly. However, in Verdi tuning, the frequency of the A note above middle C is set to 432Hz, and the other notes are adjusted accordingly to maintain the harmonic ratios between the notes.

The exact frequencies of the other notes in the scale will depend on the specific tuning system used. For example, in Pythagorean tuning, the frequency ratios between the notes are based on the perfect fifth interval, and the frequencies of the notes in the C major scale tuned to A=432Hz are as follows:

C: 256 Hz D: 288 Hz E: 324 Hz F: 341.3 Hz G: 384 Hz A: 432 Hz B: 486 Hz

However, other tuning systems, such as just intonation or mean-tone temperament, may produce slightly different frequencies for the same notes. Therefore, it's important to understand the specific tuning system used and how it affects the frequencies of the notes in order to accurately tune your instrument or use the product effectively.

What Customer Service help do you offer?
We are available by phone and email.  You may visit our showroom, but reservations are required.  Do not hesitate to call with any questions, we are happy to help.


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