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To date has processed over 50,000 safe online transactions worldwide since 2003.  Below are a few comments sent directly from our actual customers in their own words.

Testimonials and Comments from a few of our Customers:


Hi, thank you for the bowls. I received them a couple of weeks ago and I've been meaning to email to say thank you. They were exactly what I needed.

David O.



Hi folks!
Thanks so much for sending the bag and mallet for free. And thanks for getting it out to me so quickly.
You all get gold stars for customer service!!!
Hi !!

I received the bowls today in good shape and have played them ~ very
interesting overtones ~ interactions ~ and resonance!!

Will try them out on another being tomorrow ~ my grand daughter (9
1/2) was the first to try them when they came today. She played the
gong and sang ~ quite beautiful too!


In the One Heart,
LeAnn ~ Latifah

"Let the Beauty we Love, Be what we Do." (Rumi)

Hi Jeff: I just wanted to let you know that the bell arrived safely today to Guadalajara, Mexico. It is a beautiful bell and the sound is so clear and constant. I am very pleased. Thank you so much for all your help. With bows of reverence, Rev. Hyonjin (Ozmo Piedmont)

Hi Jeff, 
I just want to drop you a line, and let you know how happy I am with your product. The singing bowl arrived quickly and the quality is much, much higher than I would expect. Having return from Bhutan about a month ago, I've seen, and purchased some singing bowl in the past and the one I received from you really amazed me in a positive way. I will definitely buy from your company again in the future. 
James C
Santa Clara, CA
Greetings Jeff:
I received my order yesterday, April 22nd and am writing to thank you for the excellent service and let you know I loved my items.  When I placed my order, there were a few others that I wanted that were currently out of stock so I will be ordering again shortly.
I really appreciate your attention to detail and concern about your customer's feedback.
You have got a new customer in me, my friend. Keep up the good work.
Muriel Gray
Sacramento, CA
Hi, Jeff
Thank you very much for sending the singing bowl I ordered so fast. I have received it and I can not tell you how pleased I am with my purchase. I will definitely consider buying again from your company in the future.
Monica Stefanescu
I ordered the Tibetan Singing Bowl listed below.
I did a Google search on Tibetan Singing bowls. Your site was one of many that was listed. I chose to purchase from your site for many reasons.
  • Your site was easy to navigate.
  • Your pictures were clear and detailed.
  • You offered a choice of tone.
  • You provided a sound clip.
  • Your prices are fair.
  • How to use section.
  • How to care for the bowl.
 This shows you care about your customers before and after the sale. I appreciate that.
Anne Phillips




Yesterday I received an order of two Tibetan bowls and a gong.

The gong was my second choice, as the one I was just about to buy was purchased before I completed my order. I suspected that was just another situation where things work out perfectly, and it was.
The recordings on the site are such a treat - but they really can't begin to capture the power a beauty of each of the pieces in my order. I love both bowls and the gong.

If it was not enough that I was thrilled with the purchases, I found several surprises in the box. Extra mallets of several varieties!
I had not used these sorts of mallets before, so the gifting of them gave me the opportunity to work with the sound of the bowls and gongs in many new ways. I was amazed at the character and quality of each mallet and what it brought from the instruments. The combination of all that were sent are allowing me to experience the bowls (both crystal and Tibetan) and gong I purchased from you much more deeply.

Many thanks for your quality products and thoughtful customer stewardship!

K. Hilton

Dear friends at SilverSky, 

Everything arrived safely today, and as always, we thank you for your service, reliability and kindness in providing us with a never ending supply of bowls to love!  Thank you for the 'extras' too.  There is NO other source for us to obtain our beloved Himalayan bowls than Silver Sky- you are by far the best. 

Wishing you peace and a wonderful 2012, 

The Clark family



Hi Jeff,
Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity, AGAIN!
I thought I'd return your kindness a bit by giving you some feedback.  I have shared your website and products with a number of my friends around the country and even in Mexico City.  Every single person has made a point of telling me how much they love your site (easy to navigate - clear -and, with the ability to hear each bowl on the site - a real delight!).  And all those who have made purchases share that Silver Sky Imports gives them great products, value, customer service  - and a sense of doing business with people of great integrity.
So, thanks for what you have done for me, and for what you are doing in the world.  I imagine you will hear from me again, some time in the future... Meanwhile-
Blessings & Peace,




I wish to share with you my complete satisfaction with my order.
And now I just received your phone call and very speedy reply to my question.
Wishing the very best to your company and those involved in making this all possible


Respectfully submitted,


Hugh McCaffery



Dear Jeff,


I just received my singnig bowls - one tibetan and one crystal - I couldn't be happier.  Thank you so very much!  The quality of each bowl is apparent. It brings so much joy to hold them and let them sing.  These bowls are beautiful and the quality of the service you provide is excellent.  I look forward to owning many more bowls to harmonize together - a colorful collection of healing crystal vibes.  I will continue to go back to Silver Sky Imports for these purchases.


With much gratitude,



I really appreciate you taking the time to address my question, not many have.  As part of my online presence that teaches people how to use some very effective and original sound healing techniques, I'd also like to provide a way for students to purchase the tools through me. I noticed you also have some ghantas for sale. I know they are normally sold with a dorje as a package but I'm only interested in selling the ghantas as bodyworking sound tools. 


 Thanks again,

Resh Michael O.



Mr. Howard,

I want to thank you for the beautiful bowls I've purchased over the last several months, through your website.  I am building my sound healing business and the addition of these Tibetan singing bowls is absolutely wonderful. Each bowl is unique, beautiful, and reasonably priced - well worth the investment.

I appreciate the thoroughness and care you take in the pictures and sound files posted for each bowl.  The resonance and quality is well represented and each bowl is exactly as depicted on the website. I especially appreciate the different classifications (meditation/healing, etc.) and your grading system. It makes choosing a bowl so much easier.

Also, and this is big- thank you for prompt service you have given me!!!

I'm referring your company to my colleagues and friends and I look forward to doing business with you, again.


Julie Chase
Owner, Wind Willow Sound Health
Portage, MI



Thanks Jeff,  I’m having lots of fun making recordings with my bowls.  Sunday I went out in the back yard and recorded 19 minutes of various birds singing and then added that as a background sound track to one of my bowl recordings.  My bowls are occupying a large part of my bedroom floor and vacuuming is a challenge.  This is such a relaxing activity.  I’m really enjoying it.  Thanks for your first-rate service.

Nancy S




I'd like to address this to those who are considering a purchase of one of your Tibetan Singing Bowls.

Folks, I had never owned a singing bowl before. I thought I knew what I needed (for a composition I was writing) when I purchased one of Silver Sky's bowls. When I received it, though, I discovered it wasn't what I really wanted. Jeff spent several minutes with me over the phone, figuring out what I really needed. He found such a bowl and immediately sent it out to me on approval, asking me to hold on to my first bowl until I was sure the second bowl was better for what I wanted.

I now better understand Jeff's deep knowledge of the bowls he offers and I encourage all to seek his advice about which bowl or bowls they should purchase.

Over time, I hope to add to my bowl collection and will be depending on Jeff's expertise to get what I want and need.

Michael Boo
Chesterton, IN



Thanks so much Dave!

Just like apple computer, your service is exemplary; and I appreciate it.
I paid the paypal invoice.
I like dealing with folks from the midwest; I moved to New Mexico from Minnesota in 1998. The follow through we midwesterners have is part of each of us…..mostly, anyway.





Thanks so much for such a wonderful experience - shopping on your site! The first singing bowl I ordered from Silver Sky Imports arrived swiftly and the deep rich resonance and harmonic undertones balance and bring such peace.... I've since ordered three more of your bowls. The information you detail is extremely enlightening and far exceeds that provided by others. Knowing the tones and score for the bowl before ordering helps facilitate and prepare for healing treatment. I'll be back again.

Fredi in DC



Hello! I've just paid for the following item... but I'd like to follow up with this email: Thanking you for this wonderful opportunity and to let you know how much I LOVE YOUR STORE! My fiancé and I have been browsing for about a month now... We both share an office and we enjoy peacing out to all your lovely supportive sound files. Goooonnnngggggmmmmmhhhhh. We've purchased this bowl for a couple we know, so we had to keep it inexpensive. On the other hand, we both can't wait to buy one of the nicer, more expensive bowls for ourselves! We'll have to wait till after Christmas and we're only going to do business with you! Thank you again - we REALLY appreciate your professionalism and organization. We'll continue to listen and hopefully find the bowl for us. YOU ROCK!





Thank you so much for responding to both requests about my order.  I have never dealt with a company
that was so quick to respond and care about a customer's request.  I will make sure to pass the info along about
your company and your great customer service.

G. Kielian


Hi Jeff,

She received the bowls. Dana is one of my lady friend, Linda's, best friends.

This lady is brilliant and a little different, but she is a solid citizen of the universe. Very positive individual. I say that in preface to her note to me this morning:


I am just speechless,,, The bowls just came,,, I am so amazed.. They are so beautiful.. I wish you could see my face right now,, and hear my voice... I am so touched, I am in tears. They are so beautiful...What a kind and dear man you are... I am just amazed at your generosity... thank you so much, so much... I felt when I took them out of the box,, like they were meant to be a very special part in my life, I felt their purpose as it were... I felt awed by them..... This is so hard to describe, but please know, I am deeply honored by this gift. I will use them, and correctly honor them,,, thank you so much. I am just so touched...


Thanks, Jeff, for spreading these very healing bowls.





HI Jeff,

The bowl arrived Thursday afternoon. I am very, very pleased with it. You said in the description that it was possibly 250 years old.

I have no doubt that may be very true. The tone(s) are beautiful and when it sings, it is a very deep, unusual, and very stirring vibration. Thank you so much.

Thank you also for your super fast shipping, great service and great communications! I have added you to my favorite sellers list.

I am a man of humble means, so I won't be back as much as I'd like to be, but, I will be back!!!

Thanks again and have a great weekend!

Kind regards,

Ed, Niagara Falls, NY

By all means, go ahead and quote me on your site. All I did

was tell the truth!




I've been working with this bowl for several days now and it

is absolutely amazing!

I have bought my ‘singing bowls’ from Silver Sky Imports and after doing a lot of on-line research and visiting a variety of ‘real’ stores, I am very aware of just how knowledgeable Jeff, from Silver Sky Imports really is.

I like the fact that Jeff is able to tell you the actual note of your bowl (there are places that haven’t got a clue what that even means) and when you use the bowls to adjust peoples chakras , you need to know the notes in order to assist in the ‘healing’ process. (Buying a singing bowl with out knowing the notes, is like a surgeon buying a rusty scalpel).

Jeff’s bowls are as he describes - no bull, no false statements, they are as described. Jeff’s ‘support’ has been incredible!! He cares about his products and appears to feel the same way about his customers. When we had problems with international shipping, Jeff was very helpful and willingly offered to refund the money – though he wasn’t responsible for the postal issue or the airplanes. He even helped me track the item.

Jeff has been one of the nicest vendors I have ever dealt with and I am so impressed by his quality and knowledge that I will continue to do business with him (and I am a very difficult person to ‘please’ when it comes to my ‘healing’ supplies).

To understand just how knowledgeable Silver Sky Imports is, shop around and you will soon see, how many un –educated people are selling ‘singing bowls’.

To some the bowls are novelty items, but to others, we are very serious about them and it is nice to deal with some one who treats them with the same amount of seriousness.

I don’t hesitate to buy from Silver Sky Imports and highly recommend them!!!

Greg Munro,




Quick and easy; you had exactly what I was looking for and even with cost of shipping/handling it was less expensive (and a lot easier) than having to schlep around town looking for the same item.




 Dear Jeff,

I received my three bowls today with the felt covered striker (thank
you). Thank you for offering such great products and top notch
service. I am a very happy customer.

Kindest regards,
Al Cedarholm



Hello! I want to let you know that my singing bowl arrived safely
today. Words cannot express my great joy and satisfaction. It is all
you said and more. More beautiful than the photos, and I can't believe
how long this beauty keeps singing! It begins to hum like a motor as
the sound dies down.

I wanted a bowl for years, but I was always put off by the tiny size
and the price of the common items one usually finds. I am so glad I
waited. Such quality and at a true bargain price. Thank you so very
much for answering my needs exactly.
Blessings of peace, light and love to you.

P.S. Feel free to quote this email if you wish. I mean everything I say.



The Heart Chakra bowl that I bought from you a couple of weeks ago is uncanny. It has a "human" voice. I have no other bowl that has this type of sound. It is wonderful.

My seventeen year old son was diagnosed with schizophrenia at age twelve and has been in the hospital five times since then. He has been in, again, for the last month. It has been a horrifying time for his sisters and me and my bowls have helped keep me going.

Thank you again for the beautiful bowls.

Patrice G.



Hi Jeff: I tried to email you on Friday, but it wouldn't send for

me. At any rate, I have left you feedback and wanted to tell you how

truly amazing this singing bowl is. It is holy, really, and I thank

you for this. Thank you for the incense and the coupon. I will shop

again. Peace to you and all.

Tracy H



The bowls are absolutely great - better than expected in all ways. I
have one, my daughter has one, and the one you just shipped is going to
my 81 year old father (who wanted one after he heard my daughters!).
The deer and squirrels in my backyard come to listen to them - one deer
in particular comes in and lays down in the woods about 30 feet from
me. I guess I'm trying to say I'm not the only one around here enjoying
the singing bowls! I really appreciate not only the quality of the
products, but the fast shipping and the phenomenal guarantee (that I
won't be needing!). Thank you so much.

MJ Giles



I wanted to send a little note to let you know how much I love
the bowls and also for the sound bites that you prepare for each
one that you put up for auction. Its great to hear them before
bidding. As you can see, the double dorje bowl drew me in to
bid on it. And thank you so much for the suede striker. It
certainly does add to the experience. Expect me to bid again on
your items when my budget will let me. You provide a superior
buying experience

M Ploch


I want to tell you how pleased I am with this bowl. The clarity of
the tone is incredible. It is just beautiful. Tranquil doesn't begin to
describe it. I am going to look for a few others...right now.

M Cuthbert



Mr. Howard,

Thank you for your extremely kind customer service. I thoroughly enjoy the bowls I have purchased from you, and you have played a part in helping me seek out some new spiritual and healing outlets. For this, I am very grateful.

Peace be with you,


Hi Jeff,

I don’t where the time goes, but I have had my wonderful bowls for a week now, and I love them. The G is huge and sings for a very long time. I want to thank you very much for including the incense and the wonderful bell. Have a wonderful trip to Nepal.


Rene’ C



Hi Jeff,

Just a short note to tell you how great the bowls are.

They arrived safely and were well packed. They survived the handling of the postal service between America and Australia.

Let me tell you just how great they sound. I have had a music student do a tone test and the came up to the correct tone perfectly.

The sounds of the bowls are just so impressive and they play so easily. The sound just lasts and lasts. An interesting observation is that you can't pick where the sound is in the room it is all around you, yet you know it is emanating from the bowl resting on your hand.

I am so glad that I went with the higher grading on each bowl, I am certainly not disappointed and many people who have looked at them are most impressed and jealous.

I must confess to you I am always wary of buying on e-bay or over the internet, as what you think you are getting does not always live up to expectations, but I would recommend you to anyone.

Best wish's


Western Australia


Hi Jeff, Not sure if that survey went to you ok but I wanted to let you know I got the 2 strikers for the bowl that you sent to me and I do appreciate the overall experience of buying from you. You did not have to send the extra striker but in keeping with your high standards I see you go well beyond to make the purchaser happy with their purchase and the ebay buying experience from silver sky imports. Namaste, I would not hesitate to buy from you again, and probably will.




Thank you for the speedy delivery. Talk about instant gratification!

I love, love, love the sound of the bowl - it speaks right to my heart. I am new to meditation and spiritual matters and ebay. I wasn't too tricky with my bidding but I new I really wanted to own this one.

Thanks again,



Hi Jeff
Thank you so much for taking care of my recent order in such a timely manner!  The singing bowl is beautiful, the sound was well represented on your website, and I am very impressed by both the quality of your bowl and the items that you included with it. I also appreciate how quickly you shipped and the care that you obviously put into your work and business, from the quality product and the care in which the bowl was packaged to the personal note included in the package.  I will happily recommend you all to friends who are interested in similar merchandise!
Take care

John Saunders