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Antique Dinner Plate Gong 12.25" gong1795

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Antique Dinner Plate Gong 12.25" gong1795

Size: 12.2" x 1.75" Thickness: 4.8mm Weight: 1795g

All gongs were played using a medium white felt mallet included with this gong.

The sound sample is of the actual gong.

A sweet batch of "Dinner Plate" gongs from the border of Myanmar and India. These small gongs formerly served as dinner plates and have been drilled and strung as gongs. The bronze used to cast these plate gongs is the same alloy as found in singing bowls and has a rich and lasting sustain with a great harmonic structure!

This gong is displayed on a 30" diameter stand. The stand is not included with this gong.