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Zaphir Chimes

The Zaphir Chimes are created from the friendship of two women Shunyam Maeijer and Nathalie Kremser. Zaphir chimes are the original small format carillion chime. Designed to fill your space with relaxing therapeutic melodies, this pair has been building chimes for over 30 years. Loved for their gentle melodic passages, the sound of the Zaphir chimes is a sweet compliment to the sound of instruments like gongs and Himalayan singing bowls. People love the Zaphir chimes for the fantastic colors and recycled materials. The Zaphir chime has a softer, more gentle sound than the other brands carillion chimes. Hand made in the Pyrenees mountains you can tell the Zaphir chimes are made with love.

What wonderment does arise when the wind plays a tune on a Zaphir chime? With five distinct tunings you are able to prescribe the mood using the various melodic arrangements.