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Zen White Felt Gonger Medium #ZWF2

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Zen White Felt Gonger Medium #ZWF2

Size: 12.5” x 0.75”

Felt: 2” x 2”

Materials: Finished Beech wood and white felt

This is an approximate size, as these strikers are handmade.

The finished handle of this gonger is made from the slow-growing hardwood beech tree to give the handle sturdy grain structures and durability comparable to oak or hickory. We also use layered white wool felt for its lightweight and less percussive sound when striking the bowl. The mallet head is firm yet forgiving, inviting a balanced variety of sound. The grip and balance of this striker allows full control of the volume you are trying to achieve with both gongs and Himalayan singing bowls.

The basic felt striker mallet is a high quality carved wooden handle with a 2" medium hard felt head. This striker bridges the gap between the tender striking force of the smaller mallet and the more pronounced attack of the larger felt gonging mallet. The medium-hard felt head provides for a slightly muted strike which makes it the perfect striker for use in Vibrational Sound Therapy. Being our most popular, this felt striker is perfect for Vibrational Sound Therapy and also provides sufficient weight to make an excellent striker for performance.