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3” Zen Pyramids Incredible Harmonic Alloy Singing Pyramid

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3” Zen Pyramids Incredible Harmonic Alloy Singing Pyramid

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 Each pyramid is handmade. They vary slightly from one another as would be expected.

This size pyramid measures approx 3"x3"x2.5" tall and weighs about .25 lbs

This Zen pyramid is paired with a Wood and Suede Mallet for sound activation.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting realm where complex harmonies intertwine with sacred geometric shapes. Unlock the true essence of transformative sound as harmonics weave in and out, unveiling a captivating sonic journey. With each activation, this exquisite sound sculpture becomes a vessel of unique sounds, exclusive to this extraordinary instrument alone.

Individually handcrafted, these sonic sculptures bear a distinctive imprint of sonic information. Inspired by the shape of the pyramid, the Zen Pyramid instrument is a percussion masterpiece. Meticulously forged from a fusion of eight alloy bars, it forms a unified sculptural form. Our Pyramids are expertly fashioned using a special alloy blend, precisely designed to produce desirable acoustic properties such as resonance and overtones, as well as exceptional physical attributes like density and tarnish resistance. Striking the structure initiates a complex and delightful sound that resonates through the air. The frequencies emitted by this instrument fall within a range that is inherently pleasing to the human ear. The unique configuration of this instrument gives rise to a dynamic soundscape, traversing various modes and states of sonic transmission, from the moment of activation until it eventually returns to silence. Furthermore, the handle grants the player the ability to introduce a rotating motion, opening up infinite sonic possibilities for live performances or studio recordings.

Our Zen Pyramids are available in a range of sizes, from the compact 3” version to the impressive 20” variant. As the pyramid size increases, so does the richness and complexity of the produced sound. The smaller 3-4” Pyramids emit a sweet, high-pitched tone that can serve as a captivating alternative to tingshas or high-toned chimes. As you ascend through the various sizes, the Zen Pyramid's sonic footprint expands, accompanied by extended sustain and heightened overall volume. The frequency range of the sound is directly influenced by the size of the Zen Pyramid, ensuring a diverse tonal palette to explore.

Belonging to the percussion family of musical instruments, the Singing Pyramid is categorized as an idiophone according to the Hornbostel-Sachs classification system. Similar to marimbas and xylophones, the pyramid resonates as a whole entity when struck. The Pyramid possesses an inherently indefinite pitch and produces a myriad of overtones when activated by the appropriate striking tool. Suspended from a pyramid handle, it enjoys the freedom to vibrate with unrestrained elegance. By employing the included tool, you can unleash a symphony of complex and evolving ringing tones. Moreover, your hands can be employed to subtly dampen or modify the sound, introducing nuanced motion to the instrument.
Unleash your creative expression with the 3" Zen Pyramids Incredible Harmonic Alloy Singing Pyramid – an instrument that melds captivating design, mesmerizing harmonics, and limitless sonic exploration.