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Gilded Gold/Bronze 9.5” Guru Rinpoche Nepalese Buddha Statue #st232

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Gilded Gold/Bronze 9.5” Guru Rinpoche Nepalese Statue #st232

Dimensions: 5.5" wide x 4" deep x 9.5" high

Weight: 1370 grams; 3 lbs, 0.3 oz

Guru Rinpoche, also known as “Padmasambhava”, is widely known as the second Buddha.

This buddha carries a divine extravagance in his wild and fiery smile. Guru Rinpoche is known as invigorating and inspiriting.

In his right hand is a 4-prong Vajra, held by the harina mudra, or “The Lion Gesture.” The Vajra is Sanskrit for “diamond” or “thunderbolt”, meaning indestructible. In his left hand is the nectar of immortality.

His left foot is folded inwards, showing wisdom, while his right foot extends forwards, showing a readiness for action.

The spear resting on his left shoulder displays 3 heads, representing the Trikaya, which includes the 3 bodies of a Buddha, the Dharmakaya(Transcending Self), the Sambhogakaya(Limitless Form), and the Nirmanakaya(the Earthly Body).

The face of this statue is made of Gilded 24-Karat Gold. The body of this statue is made of Bronze.

This Guru has especially fiery eyebrows.