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12" Empyrean Crystal Singing Bowl

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Empyrean quartz crystal singing bowls are the newest premium version of classic frosted quartz bowls. The Empyrean singing bowls offer a revolutionary outer surface that is polished to a nearly perfectly smooth finish. This outer surface was made for playing, and the suede tool provides the perfect friction to activate the bowl's super pure tone. By size, the Empyrean bowls tend to be a thicker version of their vintage frosted counterparts. This allows the Empyrean bowls to reach into those higher octaves, unobtainable through classic frosted bowls.

The Empyrean bowls are offered in sizes ranging from 8"-14" and cover very similar tones per size to the frosted bowls.

This Empyrean Crystal Singing Bowl comes with a free O-ring, and a Suede wrapped striker tool.

This is a bulk product. The sound sample is an accurate representation of the tone of a 12" Empyrean Bowl, though note and thickness will vary.