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Zen Vibrapoint 1250 Therapeutic Vibration Application Tool #zenvibrapoint1250

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Zen Vibrapoint 1250 Therapeutic Vibration Application Tool #zenvibrapoint1250

Average Weight:1500 grams; 3 lbs, 4.9 oz;

Average Size:9" diameter x 9" height (including 5.5" handle)

Based on a variant of the Zen Singing bowls Therapeutic series the Vibrapoint has incredible sustain. The handle gives the user control over placement of the vibration, directing waves of soothing yet penetrating vibrations deep into tissues that could not be reached using other techniques. The handle can be gently used to massage tissues or the bowl can be struck and the vibrations can be placed with great accuracy. Perfect for acupressure techniques and energy field work!

The handle is matched to Therapeutic series bowls using a pure bell metal mixture to provide the optimum transfer of vibration. Handle diameter is designed to be comfortable in a wide range of hand sizes and the application point is weighted to balance the weight of the bowl making the tool easier on the wrist.

Sound springs to life when set in motion by moving the activated bowl across the sound field. The tool is perfect for use in body field exercises, aura work and sound based diagnostic techniques.

The Vibrapoint bowl can be used for direct, pinpoint application of vibration generated by a strike to the activation zone of the bowl with a felt mallet. The acupressure points became a natural modality to follow when using the bowl.

The Vibrapoint bowl is easily integrated into standard VST treatment structures as an additional bowl that can be used in concert with the bowls on the body as they are moved through the positions.

The vibrapoint bowl can be used in the grounding and energizing techniques as well. The handle provides excellent control of the bowl for the practitioner. The vibrapoint bowls have excellent sustain and can add motion to the sound of the bowls when used in a sound concert setting.

The vibrapoint family of bowls feature a first of it's kind computer designed handle designed to transfer the vibration from the bowl directly to the point of application. Put it where you want it!

*The sound sample is an example of the bulk product and is not specific to note or frequency.