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4-Note Zen Singing Bowls Bulk Set #ztset4pcbulk

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4-Note Zen Singing Bowls Bulk Set #ztset4pcbulk

This bulk set of Zen Therapeutic Series Singing Bowls is the standard selection for Vibrational Sound Technique, in which the bowls are placed on the body and activated repeatedly to transmit vibration. For more information on this technique, click here.

The bowls of this set are selected to harmonize audibly. The sound samples are an accurate representation of the tones of the singing bowls, though the notes and harmony will vary as they are selected as bulk products.


This set includes:

Zen Therapeutic 2000 Gram Singing Bowl 11" #zt2000

Size: 10.5-11.5" x 4-5" approx

Weight: 2000g approx


Zen Therapeutic 1300 Gram Singing Bowl 8.5" #zt1300h

Size: 8-8.5" x 3-3.5" approx

Weight: 1300g approx


Zen Therapeutic  900 Gram Singing Bowl 8.75" #zt900

Size: 8-8.75" x 3-3.25" approx

Weight: 900-1000g approx


Zen Therapeutic 300 Gram Singing Bowl 4.75" #zt300t2

Size: 4.75" x 2" approx

Weight: 300g approx


Each bowl includes a Zen Carry bag and cushion, as well as a suede-wrapped wood striker. The larger bowls also include a felt mallet each.

The sound samples are examples and not specific to this bulk product.