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9.75" D#/A Note Lingam Style Himalayan Singing Bowl #d17000319

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9.75" D#/A Note Lingam Style Himalayan Singing Bowl #d17000319

The fundamental note of this bowl is D# 153 Hz

The harmonic overtone note of this bowl is A 451 Hz

Size: 9.75 in diameter by 4 high

Weight:  3 lb 12 oz, 1700 grams

Rim Thickness: Averages 5.2 mm

The lingam style is defined by the protruding center of the bowl, which assists in carrying the vibration and sustain, producing an impressive and bold tone.

The Lingam is a symbol representing Lord Shiva in reverence of his generation and power.

This product includes a free pillow and a wood/suede striker.

Sound sample includes the bowl struck with the felt side. Sound 2 sample includes the bowl sang at the rim with the wood side.

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