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6.75" E/A# Note Antique Naga Pedestal Himalayan Singing Bowl #e10600921

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6.75" E/A# Note Antique Naga Pedestal Himalayan Singing Bowl #e10600921

The fundamental note of this bowl is approximately E 339 Hz

The overtone note of this bowl is approximately A# 923 Hz

Size: 6.75 in diameter by 4.75 in high

Weight: 2 lbs., 5.5 oz, 1060 grams

Rim Thickness: Averages 5.6 mm

Antique Naga Singing Bowls are also termed Pedestal bowls, Chalice bowls, or Stem bowls. The defining feature is the welded base upon which they rest - although in sound healing one can also suspend them from the hand by the base, using them to encircle the head of the listener/client, or for use in concert swinging from side to side, thus applying a sort of 'Doppler effect.' The bowl itself often possesses a very curved base. With the 'stand' there is no necessity for the  bowl to have a flat base. However, the 'stand' reaches up the wall of the bell and acts as a dampener upon the sounds. Because of this feature, these bowls will also often produce a tone higher than one might generally expect form a bowl of similar diameter. With their base inhibiting the sound, these bowls tend to sound best when sung. The walls can vary from a natural bell-like curve to the rim towards being sharply angled where they mostly bend up back inwards to the rim. (Frank Perry, "Himalayan Sound Revelations", 2014)

These antique Naga bowls range from 50-70 years in age.

The bowl is struck and then sang with the suede side of the striker, split into 2 separate samples above.

This purchase includes a free striker shown in the picture.

The sound samples and pictures are of the actual product.