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14.25" F#/C# Note Himalayan Singing Bowl #f45250819

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14.25" F#/C# Note Himalayan Singing Bowl #f45250819

The fundamental tone of this bowl is F# 93 Hz

The harmonic overtone of this bowl is C# 272 Hz

Size: 14.25 in diameter by 6 high
Weight:  9 lbs., 15.4 oz, 4525 grams

Rim Thickness: Averages 6 mm

Includes a free striker and the pillow shown in the picture.

This bowl has been selected for our Premier Collection as it is a unique and characteristic hand hammered bowl. The artistic molding marks of the patina shines in grand amber hues. This bowl is just the right size to produce low core bass tones.

*For more information on Fundamental Tones and Overtones, as well as tools and singing instructions, click here.