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Buddha Wood Brown Suede Singing Bowl Striker #BSBrn

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Buddha Wood Brown Suede Singing Bowl Striker #BSBrn

85 grams / 3.0 oz

8.25” x 1”

Materials: Mango wood and brown suede

This is an approximate size, as these tools are hand made.

We love strikers made from mango wood for a multitude of reasons. The wood of the mango tree is a hard wood with a dense multi-pattern grain, giving it the perfect weight and durability we look for in a singing bowl striker. Mango wood is also praised for its sustainability. Mango wood trees mature to full size in just around 15 years and are cut only when they are too tall to harvest from or when they stop bearing fruit completely. Using the wood to make strikers gives extra income to mango farmers and repurposes the felled trees that had traditionally been burned. The wood is durable and easy to work with, and we find it is perfect for rim-singing Himalayan singing bowls.

This decorative suede striker is perfect for bowls in between 5 to 7” in diameter. It is fantastic for bringing out medium tones from whatever style Himalayan singing bowl you have. The handle features a wonderful hand carved head of Buddha.