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22" Flower Yin Yang Printed Remo Buffalo Drum

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22" Flower Yin Yang Printed Remo Buffalo Drum

This drums deep, low and sustaining tone is reminiscent of drum sounds from different cultural music from around the world.

Though the design looks similar to a Native American drum, it is actually a modernized instrument that uses synthetic materials. This manufactured design helps the drum stay in tune under a wide range of weather and temperature conditions. Although it's not made from traditional materials the design can produce the tonal qualities of a traditional wood shell and skin drum head.

This drum features an artistic black and white yin yang design made of flowers.

This drum includes the mallet shown in the picture.

The drum is 22" x 3.5" and weighs 3.1lbs.

*The sub-level bass of this drum is not produced well on light speakers. Use headphones or sub-level speakers for an accurate soundfile.

The sound sample is a representation and not specific to each drum.