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Nested Green O-rings for Singing Bowls 3-10"

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Not sure what size O-ring you need? Take the guessing out with our Nested Green O-rings.

Our Nested Green O-rings come with 4 different sized O-rings ensuring you always have the right size for your singing bowl. The Nested Green O-rings are sized perfectly allowing for each ring to fit inside of the other for easy transportation.

These O-rings are intended for our Tibetan Singing Bowls but may be used with our Crystal Singing bowls.

The O-ring sizes are measured by diameter and are as listed from smallest to largest:

1.75" - recommended for 3-5" bowls

2.25" - recommended for 5-6" bowls

3.25" - recommended for 7-8" bowls

4" - recommended for 8-10" bowls