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6" C Note 432Hz Empyrean Crystal Singing Bowl Crystal Vibes #ca006cm25 31005454

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6" C Note 432Hz Empyrean Crystal Singing Bowl Crystal Vibes #ca006cm25 31005454

Octave: 5   Frequency: 515.8 hz   Rim Width: 3.3 mm

The recorded sound sample is of this exact singing bowl.

This Empyrean Quartz Crystal Singing bowl includes an O-ring and Suede mallet.

Empyrean crystal singing bowls are a type of musical instrument made from quartz crystal. They are produced by the company Crystal Vibes and are considered to be the first professional instruments in the field of quartz crystal musical instruments.

One of the unique features of Empyrean crystal singing bowls is their polished outer surface, which is specifically designed for playing with a mallet. This allows the bowls to produce a smooth and pure tone. In comparison to their vintage frosted counterparts, Empyrean bowls are generally smoother in texture and are able to reach higher octaves.

In addition to their smooth texture, Empyrean crystal singing bowls are known for their excellent projection of sound and long sustain. This is due to the polishing process they undergo, which gives them a distinct advantage over their frosted counterparts. Empyrean crystal singing bowls also produce less mallet noise when played.

Overall, Empyrean crystal singing bowls are considered to be high-quality and exceptional instruments, offering a unique sound experience for those who play or listen to them. They are often used in a variety of contexts, including meditation, yoga, sound therapy, and personal growth and transformation.