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Justly Intonated 432Hz 13-Note Empyrean Crystal Singing Bowl Set #set454

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Justly Intonated 432Hz 13-Note Empyrean Crystal Singing Bowl Set #set454

This phenomenal set follows a long-used ancient scale which follows specific mathematical ratios to find absolute frequencies of the notes in a scale. This means that the sound waves can merge in perfect alignment producing little to no dissonance.

This rare set includes all 13 notes from 4th octave C Note to the 5th octave C Note. With each interval, set any mood with the mesmerizing harmony of these impressive Empyrean Singing Bowls.


14" C(-30 cents) Note - 257.3Hz

14" C(+40 cents) Note - 267.4Hz

13" D(-25 cents) Note - 289.3Hz

13" D#(-20 cents) Note - 308Hz

12" E(-45 cents) Note - 320.8Hz

11" F(-35 cents) Note - 342.3Hz

11" F#(-40 cents) Note - 361.4Hz

10" G(-30 cents) Note - 384.8Hz

10" G#(-20 cents) Note - 410.4Hz

9" A(-45 cents) Note - 428.2Hz

9" A#(-15 cents) Note - 462.2Hz

8" B(-45 cents) Note - 481.5Hz

7" C(-30 cents) Note - 514.1Hz

*Muscial cent values are rounded to the nearest 5 cents.

Each bowl comes with a free o-ring and suede striker. The sound is pure and relaxing which makes this an excellent set for meditation and healing. These are not used or factory second items. This set has a 30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee.