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Crystal Vibes Pro Series Crystal Singing Bowl Carrying Cases 8-14"

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Crystal Vibes Pro Series Crystal Singing Bowl Carrying Cases 8-14"

Next level protection for your precious music instruments. If you want to protect your investment, use a case that is buit to handle the hazards of loading in and out.

Built for professionals, our Pro Series case is built from top quality nylon woven fabric over a 1" rigid foam core. This case is closer to a hard case in the level of protection it provides. Rubber feet protect the bottom of the case from abrasion. Premium zippers and high quality workmanship create a superior bag to what is on the market. Internal o-ring pocket on the inside of the lid and mallet pouch are built into the exterior of the case.

Cases are sized as even number sizes and are incredible for nesting so a 7" inside of a nesting sleeve, inside of a 9" inside of a sleeve fits well inside of the 10" case as does an 8" inside of a 10".

Bowls fit cases as suggested:

6,7,8" bowls will fit inside of an 8" case

9,10" bowls will fit inside of a 10" case

11,12" bowls will fit inside of an 12" case

13,14" bowls will fit inside of the 14" case

A seven bowl set can be nested inside of two 14" cases. 14" Case one would hold the 14", 12", 10" and 8" while the second case will hold the 13", 11", 9" bowls. Nesting sleeves would be required to protect the bowls from one another. 

This case is perfect for storing or traveling with your Crystal Singing Bowls. **Please note that no inserts are included to separate the bowls - you will need to use additional padding between the bowls to keep them safe** We recommend Crystal Vibes Nesting sleeves for any nesting of crystal bowls.

8" Case Measurements:

Outside: 11.5" x 11"

Inside: 8"x8"

10" Case Measurements:

Outside: 12.5" x 12"

Inside: 10" x 9"

12" Case Measurements:

Outside: 15" x 12.5"

Inside: 12" x 10"

14" Case Measurements:

Outside: 17" x 14.5"

Inside: 14" x 10.5"