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Individual Crystal Vibes Singing Bowl Nesting Sleeves sizes 6-14"

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Crystal Vibes Crystal Singing Bowl Nesting Sleeves are designed to work with our Crystal Vibes Gemstone Fusion, Empryean, and frosted bowls, as well as our Himalayan metal bowls. Crystal bowl nesting sleeves create a padded layer of protection that will allow you to safely nest crystal bowls with a 2" size difference within one another for transport or shipping. These sleeves are made to fit inside our padded carrying cases as well. Nesting sleeves by Crystal Vibes have a built in handle and are designed to be taller than the bowl to fold over and protect the rim on both the inside and outside of your crystal bowls.  Size is based on the diameter of the bowl. The height of the bowl will determine the amount of coverage provided by the foldover of the sleeve.

This is a fitted product. This sleeve is designed to fit the size indicated in the title and description. The sleeve will not stretch to accommodate a larger size. Sleeves are sold both individually and as sets to pair with your nesting set so you can select the option that fits your need. If you have a 6" bowl you will need a 6" sleeve. A bowl that is 9" in diameter will require a 9" sleeve to fit snugly.

These sleeves are made with premium Neoprene lined and sealed inside and out to prevent wear. They also feature a nylon finish at the top border and around the handles for increased durability. The sleeves are double stitched to create an incredibly well built sleeve.

Approximate size and weight for each individual sleeve follows:

Material thickness: 2.8 mm

6" size: 6" diameter and 12" height

7" size: 7" diameter and 12.75" height

8" size: 8" diameter and 13.5" height

9" size: 9" diameter and 14.25" height

10" size: 10" diameter and 14.75" height

11" size: 11" diameter and 15" height

12" size: 12" diameter and 16" height

13" size: 13" diameter and 16.5" height

14" size: 14" diameter and 18" height

We wanted the sleeves to be taller than the bowls so you can fold them over and protect the rims of your bowls. This height of sleeve will work for most bowls. The sleeves are not made to accommodate the length of the handle of our practitioner handle bowls. The sleeves will work with appropriately sized featherlight, opaque and clear bowls. These sleeves are also a great solution for protecting metal bowls without having a bulky case.

Nesting crystal bowls is always done with a 2" difference in size to accommodate the padding from the sleeves of both bowls. An 8" bowl inside of a 10" bowl, inside of a 12" bowl is a perfect and compact stack that can easily be transported in one of our 9-12" cases. An 8-14" seven bowl nesting set can be transported in two 13-16" cases by nesting the 8", 10", 12" and 14" in one case and the 9", 11", and 13" in the second. The same set can be broken into three cases for a lighter load on the person transporting the bowls. In this instance you would pack the 12" and 14" bowls in a 13-16" case, the 9", 11" and 13" bowl in a second 13-16" case and the 8" and 10" bowl in a 9-12" case.

Sleeves are sold individually and as sets. A 7-bowl 8-14" set will include one sleeve for each bowl in the set (8",9",10",11" 12", 13", and 14" sleeves).

Care and cleaning:
It’s always a good idea to try and prevent spills or stains from happening if you can. The premium neoprene material of the sleeve is both water resistant and durable. If your Crystal Vibes crystal bowl sleeve does get dirty, spot treat the area with mild soap and water. For set in stains or grime, you can place your sleeve in the washing machine. Wash on its own on a cold, delicate cycle. Lay flat in a shady spot or hang from the line on an overcast day to dry. To get rid of stains, always start with damp towels to rinse off the spot, and remember to finish off with a dry towel to prevent your sleeves from attracting dust. Dust off the dirt from your sleeves with a lint remover or roller.