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10.25" C#/A Note Antique Himalayan Singing Bowl #c27800323

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10.25" C#/A Note Antique Himalayan Singing Bowl #c27800323

The fundamental note of this bowl is C# 139 hz

The harmonic overtone note of this bowl is A 433 hz

Size: 10.25 in diameter by 5.5 high

Weight:  6 lbs., 2.0 oz, 2780 grams

Rim Thickness: Averages 8.6 mm

Stunning big antique bowl has all the boxes checked. Thick but even rim, warm antique golden patina, covered in hand hammer marks and wonderful line work around the rim and in the bottom of the bowl. One of the coolest features of this bowl outside of the sound is a small inscription in Tibetan Sanskrit, right beneath the rim of the bowl.

This product includes a free pillow, a felt gonger, and a suede-wrapped singer.

Sound sample includes the bowl struck with the felt gonger. Sound 2 sample includes the bowl sang at the rim with the suede singer.

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