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10.25" A Note Antique Dinner Plate Gong #gong1270

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10.25" A Note Antique Dinner Plate Gong #gong1270

Size: 10.25" x 1.25"  Thickness: 4.0 mm  

Weight: 1270 grams

Fundamental tone: A 215Hz

This group of gongs originated in the West Bengal region of India and were alleged to be crafted in the 1920's. Incredible warm antique bronze patina and wear reflect a lifetime of day to day usage. These instruments began and existed for the majority of their lives as ordinary hand hammered dinner plates. Jeff picked up a few of these and we drilled them out and turned them into gongs.

The sound of the dinner plate gong is beautiful, complex and long lasting. Some of the gongs will be very fundamental tone forward while others can be more symphonic in sound. The plates are all hand hammered which allows for a variety of tones or sounds, even among gongs of a very close size and weight. This variety allows the dinner plate gongs to be arranged in tonal groups, while the compact size of this style of gong allows for a group to be mounted on an average size gibraltar stand.

The sound sample is of the actual gong. The gong is played using a Medium White Felt Mallet, which is included with this purchase.