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The 8 Auspicious Symbols of Buddha

These symbols represent peace, power, wisdom, enlightenment, protection, knowledge, pertaining to the practice of Dharma, of the teachings of Buddha on the path toward Enlightenment.

They come in many forms, especially since they are man-made and distinct in their etchings.

Below are the various symbols and their explanation.

Wheel of Dharma - This symbol represents knowledge and understanding. The teachings of Buddha explain the awareness of timeless wheel of life. The 8 spokes on the wheel represent the noble eightfold path, displayed above. It is said that an understanding of the cycle of life will stop the wheel from turning.

 Lotus Flower - The Lotus Flower represents purity and enlightenment. As it grows out of the mud and above it into a beautiful and blossoming, clean flower. As we may also grow out of our troubles into a clean and enlightened spirit.

 Parasol - The parasol, or umbrella, represents protection of the practice of dharma, and protection from obstacles that may cause one to stray from the path of enlightenment.

 Golden Fish Pair - The pair of goldfish is a symbol representing fearlessness and freedom, to take on the bold, broad, and dangerous oceans, yet swim freely through them, without worry or trouble to suggest otherwise.

Victory Banner - This symbol is a reminder of the victory over the constant fight against lust and temptations. The victory banner represents strength and solidity in the practice of dharma.

Conch Shell - The conch shell represents a call to focus while the teachings of dharma are present. The delightful sound of the conch shell attracts the follower to attention.

Treasure Vase - The vase is a reminder of the wealth of enlightenment and the many positive aspects gained through the practice of dharma.

Mandala - The endless knot represents the infinite connectivity all things. It is a reminder how the life of all things intertwines and the continuity of harmony and the practice of dharma.