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Crystal Singing Bowl Instructions

Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls


Quartz crystal singing bowls come in a variety of sizes and styles. Our frosted quartz bowls have a beautiful translucent white surface and tend to be both thicker and heavier than clear bowls. These bowls sing with a very relaxing sweet tone and great sustain. Our crystal clear bowls are completely transparent because they are produced with pure quartz crystals of the highest quality. These clear bowls are lighter than frosted bowls and sing with a more intense deep tone. We have sorted our products by both size and by the dominant note produced by the bowl. While larger bowls tend to produce notes from deeper octaves, all size categories contain a variety of possible notes and some notes are more common in certain size categories.  We are constantly updating our inventory so please check our site for note and size availability.


Playing Quartz Bowls


The singing of crystal bowls is a rewarding activity that is used by many in both healing and meditation practices. While playing these bowls is not difficult, you may benefit from the following tips.


1.  It is best to use your bowl in a quiet space.  Clear your mind to increase positive intentions.  We also suggest saying a Mantra like Om Mani Padme Hum to begin your journey.


2.  Place the rubber ring provided with your bowl on a flat sturdy surface and set your bowl upon it.  Some smaller bowls are best used in your hand since they can be too light to sing on a flat surface.


3.  Grasp the suede-covered striker like a pencil, so the striker is perpendicular to the arm.


4.  Now, lightly tap the outside rim of the bowl and immediately begin to guide the striker around the corner of the outside edge of the rim.  Your striker should be at an approximate 30-degree angle to the outside of the bowl and special care should be made to maintain firm and constant pressure. If you hear any chatter noises or if the sound dies off while you're playing it, then appropriate pressure is not being applied. As with any activity of worth, practice makes perfect. If you are having trouble producing a solid tone, re-read these instructions, take a deep breath, and try again.


5.  If you prefer to gong your bowl by striking, it is best to use the suede side lightly to do so.  We also have rubber mallets designed specifically for the crystal bowls that work best as a gong tool and can even be used to sing the bowls.


Appropriate Care and Handling


Your crystal bowl is a high-quality fragile instrument, but with proper handling it can remain beautiful and viable for a lifetime. Always handle your bowl with the utmost care and take special precautions while transporting or storing it. It is also imperative that appropriate strikers, mallets, and rubber rings are used when your bowl is played. Our website offers a wide variety of these specialized tools, like Crystal Bowl Carrying Cases, which will ensure your instrument is not damaged while you enjoy it. Bowls may become dirty during normal use. Clean your bowl with distilled water and mild dish washing soap. A soft bristle brush or white cloth may be used. We have found that frosted bowls with stubborn spots may benefit from a liquid bleach-based mildly abrasive cleanser (soft scrub). Rinse your bowl with clean water and dry with a blow dryer.


Quartz Crystal Manufacturing


Our crystal singing bowls are made from the purest available quartz crystals. They are fired at extreme temperatures until they fuse, forming quartz glass. Some formations may occur during the firing process including bubbles, lines and spots. These features are perfectly natural and do not affect the sound or performance of the bowl in any way.


Basic Precautions


Our quartz bowls are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. We make no medical claims and encourage our customers to seek medical care from a licensed practitioner when needed. We suggest that the bowls are always played at a minimum of 10 inches from a person’s head. Also, avoid playing these instruments within 10 inches of each other as their intense vibrations can lead to shattering or breakage.