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Different Types of Crystal Singing Bowls

Silver Sky Imports features a variety of crystal singing bowls of many styles for you to choose from. This guide will illustrate the differences between the styles and highlight some of these unique products.


Frosted crystal singing bowls are the most common type of quartz singing bowl. Referred to as frosted bowls or "classic frosted", they represent the original quartz singing bowl. Adopted from the semiconductor industry, they are heavy, rigid, and generally uniform. They are called frosted due to the rough exterior, which is a byproduct of the manufacturing process. The surface is the rough sand form of the quartz that is placed in a spinning mold and fused with a hydrogen flame from the inside out. The intense heat and motion combine to recreate the crystal matrix to which the bowl owes its strength. The fusion is most evident on the inside of the bowl where the flame has healed a completely smooth surface. Some of the quartz sand is not fused to the bowl and is removed when the bowl has cooled. What remains is the rough sand-like texture that allows the bowl to sing with maximum ease. The surface is rough and readily provides friction against a suede striker tool used on its surface. The sound of frosted bowls is very pure, but can be overshadowed by the sound the striker tool makes against the bowl. To prevent the striker noise, a rubber ball tool works well with the texture of the bowl to make a great tone with very little other noise.





Empyrean quartz crystal singing bowls are the newest premium version of classic frosted quartz bowls. The Empyrean singing bowls offer a revolutionary outer surface that is polished to a nearly perfectly smooth finish. This outer surface was made for playing, and the suede tool provides the perfect friction to activate the bowl's super pure tone. By size, the Empyrean bowls tend to be a thicker version of their vintage frosted counterparts. This allows the Empyrean bowls to reach into those higher octaves, unobtainable through classic frosted bowls. The smaller and thicker the bowl in the Empyrean style, the more focus is required to play the bowls. With the highest of the notes, the sustain begins to suffer. We recommend these bowls to those who are looking for higher tones in the bowls, yet will understand the tradeoff of unique high tones over long sustain. The Empyrean bowls are offered in sizes ranging from 8"-14" and cover very similar tones per size to the frosted bowls. All Empyrean bowls get a unique sku code and offer the exact sound file of the bowl listed in the product to help the customer select the exact bowl they want.



Featherlight bowls are formed in a unique method that forms millions of microscopic bubbles in the Quartz matrix. This style of quartz is made into rods that are blown in a process that is like an extreme high temperature glass blowing. This particular manufacturing process generally imparts a unique energy that yields a lower tone, almost an octave lower per size. This makes the bowls perfect for close work.  The light weight and maneuverability make these bowls a great tool for practitioners, while the low and gentle tones are amazing for personal use. Featherlight bowls are available in sizes ranging from 6" - 10", and can be taller in height than width.




Crystal Clear Quartz singing bowls are amongst the most strikingly beautiful of all of the types of Quartz Singing bowls. The translucent quartz is crystal clear! Manufactured using an extreme temperature variation of glass blowing, pure quartz tube is heated with a 4000 degree hydrogen flame. Pressurized air is used to blow the bowls into shape while rotating them in a mold, the bowl is cut to height, and the cut edge is fused smooth with the same hydrogen flame. The tone of Crystal Clear Quartz singing bowls is similar to the featherlight bowls, being in a lower octave per size than traditional frosted bowls. Clear bowls are known for the clean sound and great resonance, especially starting in the 8" size and up. Clear Quartz singing bowls come in a variety sizes from 6-8", with a select few left from 9-12". We also offer our clear quartz bowls with handles known to many as practitioner bowls, which are very popular for sound healing. The handle allows its user to add motion to the sound, and the handle allows you to transfer the gentle vibration of the bowls directly to the body. Along with our Handle Bowls, we carry Gemini Crystal singing bowls, a variation on the Handle Bowls but with different toned singing bowls on both ends of a central handle. These unique bowls are beautiful, and the two tones together are enchanting.