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432 hz

432Hz tuning is exactly 32 cents flat or minus of the 440 Hz tuning. This is consistent for each note over each octave. This also means that 28-37 cents flat will also harmonize with a minus 32 cents note. Notes that are closer to 25 or 40 cents flat will also harmonize well with the 432Hz tuning.

In the Silver Sky Imports inventory you will find many bowls in the 432 Hz tuning, especially in the Crystal Bowls. Note, our system is still tuned to A=440 Hz tuning. For bowls specifically tuned to the 432 Hz tuning the sku code will refer to the bowl as m35 or m30, marked as 432 Hz Perfect Pitch. Bowls marked as m25 or m40 will show as 432Hz in the title.

For bowls in the 432 Hz tuning click here

Crystal Bowls that harmonize with 432 Hz occur in most sizes. All styles of crystal bowls will also produce bowls in the 432hz tuning from Featherlight bowls, Clear Quartz and One Piece Handle Bowls to Frosted, and Empyrean bowls. Contact us today if there is a specific size and note that you are looking for.

In response to demand we have also created a Tongue drum in our popular Chakra Drums line in the 432 Hz tuning. The drum features a C to C scale tuned to 432 Hz.

Chakra Drums are available here