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Xl Set Of 10 Geisha Cotton Tibetan Prayer Flags Pf53

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1 Set of 10 flags 10" X 12" total length around 14 ft.

Pictured is a brand new set of Geisha Tibetan prayer flags. It comes as 10 separate COTTON flags pre-strung. Each flag is approx 10'' by 12'' inches and vary some in size. The total length of the set is 14 feet. They can be hung over a doorway, around the house, on a rooftop, between treetops or even in your meditation area.

The flags are traditionally hung at an angle so that the prayers will ascend from the physical earth to the spiritual heavens. The yellow one represents the earth or ground, the green one represents the ocean or sea, the red one represents the spirit or angel carrying the message, the white one represents the clouds, and the blue one represents the sky or heavens. Traditionally, the Tibetan people believe that when the wind blows or there is a draft that causes the flags to move, the messages or prayers are read by the wind and carried up to the heavens. As they weather, the strands of the flags flying into the wind symbolizes prayers being answered. People often write their names or write the names of the people they are praying for directly on the flags.

These are the same flags that you see all over the Himalayas. Made by hand and hand stamped in Nepal by Tibetan refugees. You can be assured of the authenticity and that this is a great value at the buy it now price. These prayer flags come pre-assembled and ready to hang for your peace of mind and convenience.

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