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Large Khaki Singing Bowl Cushion With Throat Chakra Symbol #P213

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8 x 1 in. 104 grams (sizes may vary slightly on these hand made imports)

This is a premium khaki colored 100% cotton Tibetan singing bowl cushion embroidered with Vishuddah Throat Chakra symbol. 

These high quality imports add a great a accent to any decor.

The fifth centre is called as Vishuddhi Chakra. This is placed in the neck of the human being and it had sixteen petals which look after ears, nose, throat, neck, tongue, teeth etc. This centre is responsible for communication with others because through our eyes, through our nose, through our speech, through our hands, we communicate with others. On the physical level it caters for the cervical plexus

*Other chakra designs are available in this color.