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Zen Master Meditation ZMM2000 Singing Bowl 11.5" #Zmm2000

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Master Meditation Series

Approximate Size: 11.5" x 4.5"

Approximate Weight: 2000g

Zen Master Meditation Series are the contemporary variation of classic Tibetan singing bowls with a modern twist. Representing the entry level to the Zen bowls, the bowls in this series display a golden rim refined for rim singing, the provided wooden tool easily rings out the tone. The Master Meditation Series bowls will reveal a complex tone and great sustain when struck with the felt covered gong tool in the traditional fashion. The series represents an engineered multi metal bowl produced in a fair trade environment. The unique look of the bottom of the bowl features a dull black patina that develops throughout the traditional heating and hammering of the bowl. The rim and inside of this bowl reveal the golden refinement done to develop an extremely pure tone and vibration.

This purchase includes a free carry bag and wood/suede striker shown in the picture above.