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Zen Therapeutic ZT2000Flat Singing Bowl 14.25" #zt2000flatb2055

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Zen Therapeutic Series Flat 2000 Gram Singing Bowl 14.25" #zt2000flatb2055

Size: 14.25" diameter x 4.25" high

Weight: 2055 grams

Average Rim Thickness: 1.2 mm

The ZT2000Flat presents a wide and symphonic array of notes. Frequencies below 60 Hz near the lower end of the human hearing range and are often felt by vibration rather than heard by the ear. The main tones found in this bowl include E 42 Hz, B 126 Hz, and G 383 Hz.

This purchase includes a free carry bag and a felt mallet shown in the picture above.

The sound sample is of the actual product.