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3 Octave E Note Himalayan Singing Bowl 3pc Set #himalayanset88

15.80 LBS
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    3 Octave E Note Tibetan Singing Bowl 3pc Set #tibetanset88

    Size: 6"-13.5"

    Weight: 616 grams to 3286 grams

    This set of Hand Hammered Tibetan singing bowls includes 1 E Note singing bowl for each of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th octaves.

    The set sound file was recorded using a Zen Red Felt Striking Tool(sku: zenredfelt)


    Bowls Included:

    13.25" E Note Himalayan Singing Bowl #e3286

    Strike Note: E   Note Octave: 2   Note Frequency: 81 Hz  

    Weight: 3286 g   Rim Thickness: 5.7 mm


    9" E Note Etched Golden Buddha Himalayan Singing Bowl #e1516

    Strike Note: E   Note Octave: 3   Note Frequency: 166 Hz  

    Weight: 1516 g   Rim Thickness: 3.8 mm


    6" E Note Etched Himalayan Singing Bowl #e616

    Strike Note: C#   Note Octave: 4   Note Frequency: 325 Hz  

    Weight: 616 g   Rim Thickness: 2.7 mm


    The sound samples and pictures are of the actual bowls.

    The pillows matched with each bowl are included, as well as a Red Zen Felt Striker tool and a TL97 Wood/Suede Striker, at least one of each striker per bowl.

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