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Large Premium Fleece Singing Bowl Striker Mallet #fleece2

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Large Premium Fleece Singing Bowl Striker Mallet #fleece2

174 grams / 6.2 oz

Handle: 11” x 0.75”

Felt: 2.25” x 1.5”

Total Length: 12.5”

Materials: Unfinished Beech wood and a fleece covered polyurethane ball.

This is an approximate size, as these strikers are hand made.

The finished handle of this gonger is made from the slow-growing hardwood tree beech to give the handle sturdy grain structures and durability comparable to oak or hickory. This gonger also features a fleece covered polyurethane ball which is small enough for smaller bowls, but heavy enough to get bowls up to 14” to ring at full tone. The grip and balance of this striker allows full control of the volume you are trying to achieve with both gongs and Himalayan singing bowls.