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5.75-9.75" 3-Note Zen Master Meditation Series Singing Bowl Set #zmmset26

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C#/G Note Zen Bioconcert 500 Gram Series 6.25" #zbc500c576

Harmonic sets are built from beautiful sounding intervals. This is a seven note set, which is an advanced starting point for a full concert set.

Each bowl produces a variety of tonal frequencies. The most prominent of the 2 are listed below each bowl. The fundamental note is the lowest audible note of the bowl while the overtone note is the next highest harmonic note produced.

The “Master Meditation Series” was designed as a high end meditation grade singing bowl. The bowls of this series are refined for pure projected tone, long sustain and harmonic content while retaining a classic Himalayan bowl look.

This set includes:

F#/B Note Zen Master Meditation 1300 Gram Series 9.75" #zmm1300f1375

The fundamental note of this bowl is F# 91 Hz

The overtone note of this bowl is B 252 Hz


A#/F Note Zen Master Meditation 900 Gram Series 8.25" #zmm900a944

The fundamental note of this bowl is A# 119 Hz

The overtone note of this bowl is F 342 Hz


A/D# Note Zen Master Meditation 450 Gram Series 5.75" #zmm450a460

The fundamental note of this bowl is A 220 Hz

The overtone note of this bowl is D# 614 Hz


Each bowl includes a Zen Carry bag and cushion, as well as a suede-wrapped wood striker. 700 Gram series and larger also include a felt mallet.

The sound samples are of the actual bowls.