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Premium Xl Burnished Himalayan Temple Nipple Gong 17" #Gong611

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Premium XL Burnished Himalayan Temple Nipple GONG 17" #gong611

Measurements 17 x 2.75 inches Weight 3 lbs 6.5 oz

Features a golden finish.

This Gong includes a free Felt Gonger (similar to the picture)

Himalayan nipple gong from Nepal. A nipple gong has a center raised boss or nipple. Nipple gongs are known for a pure resonant tone with less shimmer than other gongs. They can produce many distinct sounds due to their shape. Traditionally Nipple gongs are used in Buddhists temples for worship.

Excellent gong for meditation, healing, music, therapy, or even a car sales showroom... The actual sound file of this gong can be heard on this page as well. Each gong is individually recorded so you will receive exactly what you see and hear. When we record the sound file, we gong all parts of the instrument so you can hear the different sounds that it produces.