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Perfect Pitch A/G Note Quartz Crystal Gong 17.75" #cg241216

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Perfect Pitch A/G Note Quartz Crystal Gong 17.75"  #cg241216

Includes a hanging strap and an adjustable stand seen in the photos.

17.75" diameter x 11.5mm thick

Weight: 4050 grams

The note of this gong is A(-10 cents) 109 Hz

The overtone note is G(-45 cents) 381.7 Hz

This Gong includes a free Felt Gong striker tool (similar to the picture)

This is a center suspended gong played by striking with the included felt gong tool.

This gong comes with an adjustable stand and hanger apparatus, and the felt gong tool used to play the gong.

This is a one of a kind Quartz crystal instrument. A unique blend of quartz has been used to make these special gongs giving them an awesome sustain and incredibly pure tone.

We only have a handful of these gongs available!