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Premium Indian Wind Gong 19" Gong2875

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Premium Indian Wind Gong 19" gong2875

Size: 19" Thickness: 2.2mm Weight: 6lbs, 5.2oz

This gong is displayed on a 30" diameter stand. The stand is not included with this gong.

All gongs were played using a medium wood/suede striker included with this gong.

The sound sample is of the actual gong.

This batch of wind gongs was hand hammered in West Bengal India. They are much thicker than standard Chinese gongs of the same size. The thickness gives this batch of wind gongs provides strong fundamental note properties, and a larger dynamic of sound in comparison to their Chinese counterparts. This batch of gongs feature rustic edges unlike the uniform outer lathing of a Chinese gong, so there are gongs in this group that are not perfectly round. This gong has a relatively slow build up to the roaring sound associated with gongs of this type, making this an excellent choice for the sound therapy practitioner.