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38" D Note 440Hz Perfect Pitch Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl #c38dm10

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38" D Note 440Hz Perfect Pitch Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl #c38dm10

Size: 37.5" diameter x 25" height   Weight: 165 lbs

Octave: 2   Frequency: 73 Hz   Rim Thickness: 13 mm

This incredible frosted crystal singing bowl is rare and unique with only a few dozen in existance.  It features an ultra low frequency of 73 Hz and amazing deep 2nd octave not found in most bowls.  This massive bowl can be sung near the rim with an increased pressure of the rubber mallet or also softly struck with the rubber mallet like a bell.  Perfect for the entrance of a spa or meditation studio.  

* Consider the massive size of this bowl before purchasing.  This bowl does not fit level through a standard 36" door. It is advised that at least 4 people assist when lifting or moving this bowl.  It is a rare piece that is meant to stay in one place.

**This product ships via freight services only and ships on a pallet. Liftgate delivery is included which meants the truck will have a lift gate to bring the pallet to ground level at your location.  The driver will deliver to the closest area the pallet will fit through like a garage door.  It is easy to move around with a pallet jack.  When lifting it off the pallet be prepared with a team of four to help. 

***No international delivery available, domestic 48 states only. 

This bowl comes with a free black rubber ring base and rubber mallet.