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16" C Note 440Hz Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl Crystal Vibes #c16cp45

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16" C Note 440Hz Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl Crystal Vibes #c16cp45

Each bowl is clearly labelled with the note on the interior of the bowls.

It comes with a free oring and a Suede striker.

Optional upgrades include the appropriate sized crystal vibes case for this bowl, the MCSI2 silicone/rubber ball tool, MCSI3 Premium Silicone singing bowl tool or a combination of both!

The optional #mcsi2 silicone/rubber ball tool is a great tool for beginners and seasoned players alike. Dual surfaces give the player the power to move between types of crystal bowls without having to reach for another tool. Medium hard rubber provides a firm yet quiet grip on the playing surface of your bowl. Silicone playing surface plays frosted bowls with ease. Get more of the sound of your instrument and less of the sound of the act of playing from the TL72 silicone/rubber ball tool.

The optional #mcsi3 Premium Silicone and quartz crystal singing bowl tool by Crystal Vibes is the tool of choice for our crystal bowl professionals. Pure quartz rod is a medium heavy weight and can be used for frosted bowls from 7" -18". Silicone playing surface is virtually silent allowing the purest sounds to come from your bowl.

The Crystal Vibes carrying case is perfect for the on the go singing bowl used. Cushioned layers protect the exterior of the bowl from contact with the cold hard world. Strap makes for easy transport. Quality zipper and durable ballistic nylon exterior is built for the long haul.