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Crystal Vibes Gemini D and Perfect Pitch F Notes Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl #cg7dp25fm10 37000100

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Gemini D and F Notes Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl #cg7dp25fm10 37000100

D Note Bowl

Note: D +25 cents   Octave: 4   Frequency: 298.3 Hz


F Note Bowl

Note: F -10 cents  Octave: 4   Frequency: 347 Hz


Frequency Difference: 48.7 Hz (Gamma Binaural)

Both ends of the Gemini bowl are Clear Quartz Crystal, 7 inches in diameter, connected at the base by a hollow handle, allowing for easy handling, without affecting the sustain of the notes.

Rim Thickness: ~2.2 mm


For more information on the 5 Main Brainwaves, you may visit the following link: