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*SOLD OUT**Limited to 25 pieces* Crystal Vibes Cherry Magic April 26 Pink Moon Crystal Singing Bowl Activation Mallet #mcsi9

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*Limited to 25 pieces* Crystal Vibes Cherry Magic April 26 Pink Moon Crystal Singing Bowl Activation Mallet #mcsi9

Shane Critel Signature series tools are hand made by Crystal Vibes own Shane Critel.

The end point of this tool is to strengthen the bond between player and instrument. If you are a casual player or are not able to focus on the action of playing the bowls and the feedback they provide you may need to use a heavier or thicker diameter tool. This tool is for the player who is in touch with their instruments and can use the tactile cues felt through the stick to guide their playing.

Approx 11.75 inches long by 1/2 inch wide. Silicone covers approx 6" of the tool length. 100% assembled in USA from components made in the USA.

All tools are handmade, with the dowels being hand sanded, finished and printed on Friday the 23rd between 5:45 pm and 7:00pm (Day and Hour of Venus) and assembled April 26th, 2021 for the pink moon. The Pink Moon always signifies rebirth and renewal as Spring begins to take shape in April. The precolonial name originates from the pink color of the spring blooms of Creeping phlox (Phlox subulata) rather than the color of the moon.

The Cherry Magic singing bowl tool is a hand finished USA grown cherry dowel rod and poly sleeve with a silicone playing surface.

Silicon playing surface and inner sleeve was manufactured in Michigan and the dowels were made in Pennsylvania, all parts finished and assembled in Roca, Nebraska.

In folk magical traditions of the US and Europe, love and divination are associated with cherry wood and especially cherry wands. The feminine association with cherry wood spreads across many traditions.

Handmade and individually numbered one out of 25 pieces- size may vary slightly. Hand made tools like this will vary slightly.

This magical striker is best used with the Crystal Singing Bowls, but can be used with metal bowls as well. The silicone on this striker is perfect for singing Crystal Singing Bowls around the rim. This is a great additional tool for any singing bowl collector.

The magic of this tool is the silent play you will get from bringing this tool about the rim of the bowl. The magic tools in this diameter enable the player to create a strong bond with the bowl. The lightweight tool effortlessly transfers the vibration from the bowl to the player creating a tactile experience for the user. This is the tool for the musician rather than the casual player. The musician will immediately recognize the feedback and see the added value of this tool. In the hand of a professional player this tool will bring out the most expressive qualities of crystal bowl play. This tool is perfect for rim play and excellent when used across the wall surface in a violin bow like manner.

We find this tool works best with smaller and thinner walled bowls so it is great for those Alchemy bowls, featherlight and clear bowls and 4th octave G note in 8"!!!

The silicone playing surface of this tool will work with many crystal bowls from 5"-14" depending on the wall thickness at the rim. For thinner bowls of any style this tool is awesome. We have had great luck using this tool as a silent companion to 7-10" frosted or Empyrean bowls. The silicone is the perfect compound for creating gentle friction with any style of playing surface. This tool is an amazing companion to the 5" one piece handle bowls.

For metal bowls the tool tends to favor a bowl between 5" and 8". The smaller diameter of this tool will not sing thicker walled metal bowls. A unique ability a tool this diameter has is that the smaller contact surface will often isolate a higher overtone when rim playing. For instance I was playing a 7.5" bowl that usually has a lower tone as the prominent fundamental tone. When using this tool I was able to only bring out the higher harmonic, and none of the lower fundamental tone of the bowl. By alternating between this and a larger suede wrapped tool I was able to isolate the two separate tones and even play them with one another.