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* New* Crystal Vibes Hickory Magic 2 Crystal Singing Bowl Activation Mallet #mcsi10

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* New* Crystal Vibes Hickory Magic 2 Crystal Singing Bowl Activation Mallet #mcsi10

11.75 inches long by 1/2 inch wide. Silicone covers 6" of the tool length.

*Updated design* Tool is a fiery and confident hickory rod with a silicone playing surface over a poly substrate material. This new design increases the overall life of the playing surface and keeps the silicone playing surface firmly attached. Silicone playing surface and inner sleeve was manufactured in Michigan and the dowels were made in Pennsylvania, all parts finished and assembled in Roca, Nebraska.

*Limited edition and hand made* 120 Handmade pieces - size may vary slightly. Hand made tools like this will vary slightly.

All Hickory strikers are left raw and can be oiled to your preference with any type of oil. Oil helps to preserve and beautify the wooden handle. Linseed oil, from flax seed, is a great choice for those who prefer a smooth oiled finish. The raw handle is lightly sanded to attract the natural oils from the hands of the user that will accumulate over time and use. This personalizes the tool and creates a strong energetic connection between player, tool and instrument. The more you use the tool, the more it will collect your energy. This charge is responsible for transforming a simple hickory stick into an intention and energetically charged magic wand.

Traditionally a magic wand is an extension of the user, directing and focusing energy during ritual work.The hickory magic tool fills those shoes extremely well. Hickory, a dense wood with a grain similar to oak, is a perfect hardness to transfer vibration from the bowl back to the user. This tactile response is a real time indication of the state of the bowls vibration, an amazing connection between player and instrument. Protection, and direction are magical traits associated with hickory as a wood. The straight-grain of Hickory in the form of a wand is an appropriate symbol of seeing intention come to pass through strength of will.

This fantastic striker is best used with the Crystal Singing Bowls, but can be used with metal bowls as well. The silicone on this striker is perfect for singing Crystal Singing Bowls around the rim. This is a great additional tool for any singing bowl collector.

The Magic of this tool is the silent play you will get from bringing this tool about the rim of the bowl.

We find this tool works best with smaller and thinner walled bowls so great for those Alchemy bowls, featherlight and clear bowls and 4th octave G note in 8"!!!

The silicone playing surface of this tool will work with many crystal bowls from 5"-14" depending on the wall thickness at the rim. For thinner bowls of any style this tool is awesome. We have had great luck using this tool as a silent companion to 7-10" frosted or Empyrean bowls. The silicone is the perfect compound for creating gentle friction with any style of playing surface. This tool is an amazing companion to the 5" one piece handle bowls.

For metal bowls the tool tends to favor a bowl between 5" and 8". The smaller diameter of this tool will not sing thicker walled metal bowls. A unique ability a tool this diameter has is that the smaller contact surface will often isolate a higher overtone when rim playing. For instance I was playing a 7.5" bowl that usually has a lower tone as the prominent fundamental tone. When using this tool I was able to only bring out the higher harmonic, and none of the lower fundamental tone of the bowl. By alternating between this and a larger suede wrapped tool I was able to isolate the two separate tones and even play them with one another.

Handmade in the USA by Crystal Vibes from domestically sourced components!