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Crystal Vibes Crystal Singing Bowl Magic Mallet with Bamboo - Small

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Crystal Vibes Crystal Singing Bowl Magic Mallet with Bamboo - Small

The Crystal Vibes Crystal Singing Bowl Magic Mallet with Bamboos the first crystal singing bowl mallet created under a pending US patent. All other silicone tools to this point have been created from off-the-shelf silicone. This is the first activation mallet ever intentionally created from the ground up using materials sourced with the player and bowl in mind at every step. The optimized silicone formula creates an unparalleled connection with the playing surface of the bowl, removing even more playing sound than our previous tools and allowing the sound of the bowl to become the focus. The dual density playing surface is perfect for all levels of crystal bowl player and works for all styles of playing. Light striking, rim and violin style playing are all effortless with the MAGIC new mallet by Crystal Vibes.

Measurements: 10.5 inches long by 1/2 inch wide. Silicone covers 4" of the tool length. Dual density tool head is larger at the

This size magic striker tool is recommended for bowls from 5"-10"

*New design for 2022* This tool is an austere and sustainable bamboo rod with a new design that includes a silicone playing surface. This new design is the result of thousands of hours of player analysis culminating in a fully redesigned playing surface. The silicone playing surface features an unobtrusive Crystal Vibes logo and a dual height playing surface that can also be used as a striking implement.


Deliberate and intentional development of products to create a higher connection between instrument and player - its MAGIC from Crystal Vibes.


Because each tool is unique and handmade, the size may vary slightly from tool to tool. 

Traditionally a magic wand is an extension of the user, directing and focusing energy during ritual work. Magic silicone tools in lighter weights like this bamboo tool have a unique transfer of vibration heavier tools tend to dampen. This tactile response is a real time indication of the state of the bowls vibration, an amazing connection between player and instrument. The Magic tool by Crystal Vibes has cast an aura of unity on the player and instrument creating a unified field of peace clearing the way for the purest sonic transmission.

This fantastic striker is best used with the crystal singing bowls, but it can be used with metal bowls as well. The perfected silicone on this striker is ideal for singing crystal singing bowls around the rim as well as striking. This is a great additional tool for any singing bowl collector.

The magic of this tool is the quality of the play you will get from bringing this tool about the rim of the bowl - no noise from the striker, just the pure tones of the bowl.

We find this tool works best with smaller and thinner walled bowls so it is great for those alchemy bowls, featherlight and clear bowls, and 4th octave G note in 8".

The MAGIC formulation of silicone playing surface of this tool will work with many crystal bowls from 5"-14" depending on the wall thickness at the rim. For thinner bowls of any style this tool is awesome. We have had great luck using this tool as a silent companion to 7-10" frosted or Empyrean bowls. The silicone is the perfect compound for creating gentle friction with any style of playing surface. This tool is an amazing companion to the 5" one piece handle bowls.

For metal bowls, the tool tends to favor a bowl between 5" and 8". The smaller diameter of this tool will not sing thicker walled metal bowls. A unique ability a tool this diameter has is that the smaller contact surface will often isolate a higher overtone when rim playing. For instance I was playing a 7.5" bowl that usually has a lower tone as the prominent fundamental tone. When using this tool I was able to only bring out the higher harmonic, and none of the lower fundamental tone of the bowl. By alternating between this and a larger suede wrapped tool I was able to isolate the two separate tones and even play them with one another.