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Perfect Pitch C-B Notes 7-Note Empyrean Crystal Singing Bowl 7 Note Set #set401

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Perfect Pitch C-B Notes 7-Chakra Empyrean Crystal Singing Bowl 7pc Set #set401


14" C Note

13" D Note

12" E Note

11" F Note

10" G Note

9" A Note

8" B Note

This set includes each note of the C Major Scale from 4th octave C Note to the higher 4th octave B Note, commonly known as the 7-Chakra scale.

This set is perfect in harmony with 440 Hz tuning.

Each bowl comes with a free o-ring and suede striker. The sound is pure and relaxing which makes this an excellent set for meditation and healing. These are not used or factory second items. This set has a 30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee.

This 8"-14" set can be easily nested in two or three cases. Two inches of difference is required between bowls for nesting, this allows an inch on either side of the bowl for padding to prevent contact. A towel, or cushioned pad is inserted between the bowls.

For a two case set up you will use a pair of the 13-16" cases.The bowls will be added to the cases with a pad between each bowl to prevent them from coming in contact with one another, which could damage the bowls. The bowls will be divided as follows in case 1: 14" 12", 10" and 8" and in case two: 13", 11" and 9"

The three case set up is a little easier to manage weight wise. For the three bowl nesting setup you will use two of the 13-16" cases and one of the 9-12" cases. The bowls are split up as follows: 13-16" case 1 - 14", 12"  13-16" case 2 - 13", 11" and 9" and 9-12" case 3 - 10" and 8". This three bowl packaging is bulkier, though the cases with bowls are easier to carry due to the reduced weight per bag.


In Western Chakra meditation, the full C Major scale is matched in range by note to each chakra.


These notes would align as follows:


A Note: Third Eye Chakra


B Note: Crown Chakra


C Note: Root Chakra


D Note: Sacral Chakra


E Note: Solar Plexus Chakra


F Note: Heart Chakra


G Note: Throat Chakra


Musical Cent Values:

C +5 cents

D +5 cents

E +5 cents

F +5 cents

G +5 cents

A +5 cents

B +5 cents


*Muscial cent values are rounded to the nearest 5 cents.