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7-8" Major Third Harmony 2-Note Clear Crystal Singing Bowl Set #clearset003

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7-8" Major Third Harmony 2-Note  Clear Crystal Singing Bowl Set #clearset003

This divine 2-Note set includes strong harmonic clear crystal singing bowls with impressive sustain and mesmerizing tonality. These bowls are 4 semitones apart, producing a brilliant Major Third harmony. This set is bright and uplifting, with the welcoming harmony most commonly found in a doorbell. Each note of this set is approximately 45 cents sharp of the standard 440 Hz tuning.

Bowls included:

8" B Note Clear Crystal Singing Bowl #cc8bp45 33001174

Octave: 3   Note Frequency: 253.4 Hz   Avg Rim Thickness: 4.4 mm


7" D# Note Clear Crystal Singing Bowl #cc7dsp45 33001169

Octave: 4   Note Frequency: 319.3 Hz   Avg Rim Thickness: 3 mm


Each bowl in this set includes a suede wrapped striker and a rubber o-ring.