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Gray Handle Singing Bowl Carrying Case 5-9"

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Gray Crystal Vibes Handle Singing Bowl Padded Case.

Pictured is a beautiful Handle Crystal Singing bowl Case with our Crystal Vibes logo on a removable patch on the side. It is made from gray nylon and is a heavy duty case. This marvelous case is used to store or transport your meditation bowl. This particular case is appropriate for any handle crystal bowl between 5 and 9 inches wide (also fits Tibetan Bowls). The case includes a storage sleeve in the lid for your black rubber ring and a storage sleeve on the outside for your suede striker.

This case is perfect for storing or traveling with your Crystal Singing Bowls. **Please note the inserts included are to separate the bowls only - you will need to use additional padding between the bowls to keep them safe**

Case Measurements:

Outside: 13" x 16"

Inside, without inserts: 12.25" x 15"

Inside, with 2 inserts: 8" x 15"