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Zen Clearing Chime LTD Singing Bowl

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Zen Clearing Chime LTD Singing Bowl

Cleanse your home or workspace with our Clearing Chime LTD Singing Bowl. Great for smudging, these bowl chimes can clear negative energy and restore balance and harmony to any space. The long handle and striker of the Clearing Chime LTD helps rid of energies in those tough-to-reach places allowing for a more thorough cleanse. This is perfect for those that cannot sage due to the smoke and a great alternative that uses sound.

The Clearing Chime LTD Singing Bowl is a great addition to sound therapy sessions with clients.  Use it to cleanse the space before and after clients.  A practitioner can also use this directly near clients to cleanse the mind, body, and spirit.  It can even be used in a group setting, sound meditation, or sound bath.

These chimes produce a cheery, A note, which corresponds to the Third Eye Chakra. This uplifting sound will leave you feeling rejuvenated and more connected with the space around you.


Brass Bowl with handle- 10" x 2"

Steel Mallet - 9" x 0.25"

Weight: ~120 grams or 4.3oz

These chimes are meant to be struck and not sung due to their size.  The sound file and pictures are representations of this chime. Each chime may vary slightly as they are hand made.