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Theta Chimes Large Symmetry Wind Chime

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Theta Chimes Symmetry Wind Chime is very large, a full hanging height of 61"!

1 1/2" tubes cut to length to create a beautiful and uplifting chime based off of the major scale.

The chime can be played in many ways both naturally and manually. A light wind or breeze is sufficient to catch the sail and puts the tune at the choice of nature itself. When used as a hand instrument the chime is easily manipulated into playing melodic passages. Grasping the sail cord gives the user a greater amount of control over the motion of the 4.5" activation pendulum allowing the user to decide both the notes and the volume of the chime. Let it hang or make it swing. The user can use the adjustment bead on the center string to push the activation pendulum into the top of the chime for storage. While the bead is away the chime becomes more like a set of healing chimes that can be intentionally activated by the user with a mallet(available for purchase separately).

Silicone mallet for lower tone click here.

Suede mallet for higher tone click here.

The Theta Symmetry chime is constructed from powder coated aluminum and a weather resistant string suspension system. The sail features a rainbow flower of life symbol and the tray the tubes are mounted to features a laser cut flower of life symbol at the very top. Six sound tubes are made from powder coated aluminum. This coating helps to filter the higher frequencies making for an extremely pleasant sounding set of chimes. Chime tuning is done by trimming the tubes to length. Notes will vary slightly from set to set however the intervals will remain constant.

Approximate Tube lengths are:

29", 26", 25", 24", 22", 20"

Average tube thickness is 2.4mm with the powder coated layer.