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Featherlight Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls


Featherlight bowls are hand shaped on a lathe and are one of a kind! Click on the item to read more details and listen to the sound.  Please contact us here if you need help selecting a bowl. Featherlight Opaque Quartz is formed in a unique method that creates millions of microscopic gaseous bubbles in the quartz matrix. These bubbles diffract light, clouding the quartz to its opacity. This style of quartz is used to dampen UV rays. The quartz is made into rods that are blown at extreme temperatures of 4000˚ F (2000˚ C). Pressurized air is used to blow the quartz into shape while rotating it on a lathe. The bowl is cut to height and the cut edge is sealed with the hydrogen flame. Featherlight Singing Bowls are known for their clear tones and long sustain. They are truly very light in comparison to the traditional frosted crystal singing bowls. Featherlight singing bowls range from 6-10” in diameter.


Our Featherlight Crystal Singing Bowls can be found online here.