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Master Meditation Series


Zen Singing Bowls - Master Meditation Series The Zen Master Meditation Series are a precision made modern version of traditional Tibetan singing bowls. This Series represents the entry level to the Zen bowls. The bowls in this series have a golden finished rim designed for rim singing, a wooden tool easily brings them to life. The Master Meditation Series bowls also show exceptional tone and resonance when activated with a felt gong tool in the traditional manner. The unique look of these singing bowls makes them a perfect compliment to traditional Tibetan bowls while offering a precision seven metal bowl manufactured in a fair trade environment. The dark patina on the bottom of the bowl is black copper oxide which forms during the traditional fire forming process. The rim and interior of this bowl show the golden refinement done to create an incredibly pure tone and resonance. The Master Meditation Series bowls are perfect for everything from personal meditation, sound concerts and yoga studios and entry level sound massage. .  Each one is hand selected and then individually recorded and photographed.  Just click on the item to view more photos and play the sound clip of the actual bowl.  Use headphones or high quality speakers for the best sound experience.